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Cambridge English - General

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a fluent speaker wanting to perfect your language skills, whether you’re a student or a professional, we have the exam for you. Find which General English qualification suits you best. After Young Learner’s exams, these can be considered the next levels of your journey towards success in English Language.

We provide the exam preparation courses and after completion the student will be registered for the exam with British Council by us.

An academic term comprises of 14 - 16 weeks including 12 academic weeks where each lesson will cover all the 4 skills (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking), mock exam and a project day for the students to indulge and revise their learning journey.

At the end of each term the students will receive a certificate with a detailed report card about their academic performance.

While carefully pre planned lessons improve learner’s confidence, ability and motivation, BeKing’s aim is to create an enjoyable and fun filled learning environment that will convince the learners to use English immediately in real life.

More focus will also be given towards developing the speaking skills and interpersonal skills of the students and events like BeKing Speech day held once a term and continuous assessments which will gradually build up their confidence and also improve their public speaking skills.

Classes and days are available at your convenience.

The learner is required to sit for a placement test and will be allocated to the relevant class based on his/her performance. Hurry!

KET: A2 KEY (Cambridge English : KEY)

Cambridge English: Key, also known as the Key English Test (KET), is the lowest level General English exam in the Cambridge English range. It shows that you can communicate in basic English in everyday situations.

Reasons to choose A2 Key:

Gain a valuable qualification that is accepted worldwide.

Improve your work, study and travel prospects.

Show that you have the basic language skills you need to communicate in English.

PET: B1 Preliminary (Cambridge English : Preliminary)

Cambridge English: Preliminary is also known as the Preliminary English Test (PET) and Preliminary English Test for Schools (PETfS). This exam shows that you can communicate in English in practical, everyday situations. It will give you a good foundation if you want to study for a professional English qualification.

B1 Preliminary qualification shows that you can:

read simple textbooks and articles in English

write letters and emails on everyday subjects

take meeting notes

show awareness of opinions and mood in spoken and written English.

FCE: B2 First (Cambridge English : First)

Cambridge English: First is also called the First Certificate in English (FCE) and First Certificate in English for Schools (FCEfS). This general English qualification proves that you can speak and write English well enough to work or study in an English-speaking environment.

A B2 First qualification shows that you can:

communicate effectively face-to-face, expressing opinions and presenting arguments

follow the news

write clear, detailed English, expressing opinions and explaining the advantages and disadvantages of different points of view

write letters, reports, stories and lots of other types of text.

Reasons to choose B2 First:

Accepted for entry to foundation/pathway/pre-sessional courses in English-speaking countries.

Accepted for entry to undergraduate programmes taught in the medium of English in non-English-speaking countries.

CAE: C1 Advanced (Cambridge English: Advanced)

Cambridge English: Advanced is also known as the Cambridge Advanced Certificate in English (CAE). This general English qualification shows that your English is of a standard expected of a professional business person or an undergraduate university student.

C1 Advanced qualification shows that you can:

follow an academic course at university level

communicate effectively at a managerial and professional level

participate with confidence in workplace meetings or academic tutorials and seminars

express yourself with a high level of fluency.

Reasons to choose C1 Advanced:

Accepted by over 8,000 educational institutions, businesses and government departments.

Opens doors to international travel, work and study.